Buyers: Why American Realty & Assoc. is your best deal

A good deal is money earned. We know how to make it possible.
Here at American Realty & Assoc., Inc. we understand more than today’s market – we understand You. We know you want easy searches, solid advice, and above all – a good deal..

That’s why we want to give you just that.

  • Use our search engine to quickly find properties.
    Input as much or as little search criteria as you wish to learn all about the properties that meet your requirements. See something you like? Let us know and we’ll show you around. Search Now
  • Contact us for a personalized property search.
    With so many properties for sale in the Chicagoland area today, knowing where to look can get overwhelming. Our Brokers are here to answer all of your questions and find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Take advantage of our expert advice on local deals.
    We’ve always served Chicago and its suburbs exclusively – it’s our only focus. That’s why our Brokers have the knowledge and experience required to help you make the right purchase in today’s Chicago & suburb real estate market. Don’t miss out.
  • We will provide all paperwork for you.
    You can rest assured – all paperwork involved with your purchase will be filled out and taken care of.
  • You know you can trust us.
    Providing you with honest and reliable service is at the core of our company’s values. It is the cornerstone of our reputation. You can expect trustworthy advice and honest business every step of the way – ask any of our previous clients.

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