Below is an outline of the most important steps you need to take during your property sale. Keep them in mind to know what to expect during your selling process.

Market Analysis.chart
The first step to take when selling your property is getting it priced. A competitive price is crucial to a quickly sold home and a good deal. To get started with a free market analysis by our professionals, contact us online or call 773-775-5500.



sellingprepare_1Listing your property.
Listing your property with the right broker is important — this step puts your property out on the market and brings it to the attention of potential buyers. By listing with an American Realty & Assoc., Inc. broker, you can be sure that your property will be easily searchable online and advertised through other media as well.


sellingprepare_2Showing your home.
Make sure your home is presented in the best way possible — show it off! Cleanliness, good lighting, and creating space with the right furniture arrangements can make a big difference in how potential buyers perceive it. Your American Realty & Assoc., Inc. broker can give you more ideas on how to best organize and color your space.


sellingprepare_3Negotiations, documents and the final sale.
When you begin receiving offers for your property, your next step will involve negotiations and gathering other required documents before the final closing. Your American Realty & Assoc., Inc. broker will guide you through all the details of your transaction and make sure that you are getting the best deal on your property.

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